In true permaculture style, the film takes the problem, humanity, and shows how we can not just reduce our foot-prints but actually make them beneficial. Inhabit is simply the best film I have seen about permaculture.

INHABIT explores the many environmental issues facing us today and examines solutions that are being applied using the ecological design process called Permaculture. Permaculture is a design lens that uses the principles found in ecosystems to help shift our impact from destructive to regenerative. Focused mostly on the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the United States, Inhabit provides an intimate look at permaculture peoples and practices ranging from rural, suburban, and urban landscapes. 


Director/Editor/Cinematographer -Costa Boutsikaris        Producer/Ast. Dir./Ast.Camera- Emmett Brennan           Composer - Aled Roberts


THE RESILIENT ONES  - PBS  is a feature-length documentary exploring how communities are adapting to climate change in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern NY, seen through the eyes of high school students. 

Cinematographer - Costa Boutsikaris