The Fifth Kingdom of life is the Mushroom Kingdom. Mushrooms have a unique ability to decompose all that falls on the forest floor and turn int back into nutrients for plants, animals and trees to uptake. The underground root systems called mycelium actually connect plants and tree roots together and allow nutrients to be shared between them. These mycorrhizal webs of interconnection allows trees who are struggling to grow to receive nourishment from all over the forest via these mycelial connections.

We find great inspiration in this interconnected and resilient approach to support and have shaped our filming process to be as fungal as possible. Our Feature Films are crowdfunded which means we raise funds by receiving many small donations from all over the world. This way we create a similar web like support network that is diverse and widespread.  Many believe the internet we use to share our films is just a recent human approach to recreating this ancient mycelial network system. - Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world | TED ...)



Costa Boutsikaris is an award winning filmmaker based out of Upstate New York. He graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts with a BA in Visual Arts and began his first feature documentary INHABIT:A Permaculture Perspective, driving around the Northeast for two years documenting  permaculture design strategies. Costa shot, directed and edited INHABIT and it premiered in March 2015 screening all across the the USA winning multiple awards including the Audience Choice Award at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival and Yale Environmental Film Festival. He has also been creating content for small farms and design courses helping promoting sustainable ideas and learning opportunities through film. When not working with cameras he works with a forestry crew managing woodlands and wildlife habitats in the Finger-lakes Region.

Fifth Kingdom Films creates documentaries, promotional films, crowdfunding films and shorts to help spread stories of relationship between all the kingdoms of life.